Jumping to Conclusions

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Jumping to conclusions can be an extremely dangerous pastime…

They lead to unsubstantiated rumours that open up a very smelly can of worms…! The result being, speculation and gossip that the fragile, frail superficial human nature is yearning to justify the decision upon which the conclusion is based…? Here’s the thing, it could all have been cleared up by asking a simple qualified question as to the FACTS surrounding the intrigue…?

But alas, our poor snooty, know all, haughty and stubborn pride will not allow the question to be asked, as what on earth will we discuss now…? Heaven forbid we actually get the facts straight and cut the chase…Accordingly, in the course of our ensuing discussion and speculation many different theories will be offered, and then, Eureka… we have a moment of genius…the theory we are most comfortable with fits our original thought is decided upon…?

What have we managed…? well…we have passed the time with a ‘real sense’ of ‘achievement’ as we are now ‘very clever’ and our precious little egos are stroked. This ‘conclusion’ sends all into a state of ‘wild excitement’ all for nothing as it is far removed from the truth… We have employed a ‘simple’ mechanism for the sake of being accepted, dictated to, moulded by our surroundings and group/s (Similar to a Fraternity or Sorority Sisters…) upon which our entire existence depends…anything that remotely resembles a different angle is frowned upon and can lead to a very real fear of being shunned by ‘mere mortals’ so ingrained in us, we wet ourselves…! When do we start to think for ourselves and say ‘hang on a sec’ let’s check the facts…? Be real, it’s not that complicated…!

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